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Project management basics for freelance designers

17th May 2016

Designers are often bad at self-management, especially if they come from agency environments where they’ve relied on a bunch of project management professionals to deal with practicalities, financials and planning the work. So when a typical agency designer is starting his/her first freelancing gig, learning to be a project manager is essential (and it’s a hell of a task if you’ve never done it before).

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Why we are building a project budget planning tool – Price&Cost

21st April 2016

Some tools are made to fulfil the needs that they themselves create. Some are more innovative and superior versions of a long-standing and established offering. But some are born out of the pain of using something that’s not really fit for purpose. This is the story of Price&Cost – why we are building it and how it all came to be (the picture at the top? That’s actually Price&Cost in the making).

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Best system fonts and font-families in CSS for compatibility

2nd March 2016

You’ve read before that I strongly recommend using native UI elements on different platforms, and this is valid for fonts for any relatively big and complex website, desktop and mobile application too. In this article we focus on the CSS implementation of system fonts for the web.

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Why is the Project Management Triangle so fundamental?

10th February 2016

As a project manager you would have certainly heard about the Project Management Triangle (or Iron Triangle or Triple constraints). Some PMs live and die by this, and there’s a really good reason why.

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TypeScript tutorial with examples of Angular controller, directive and service

1st February 2016

We’ve showed you already how to create a small Angular application with a TypeScript controller from scratch. Here is another TypeScript tutorial in which we demonstrate how to write an Angular controller, a directive and a service.

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