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TypeScript tutorial with examples of Angular controller, directive and service

1st February 2017

We’ve showed you already how to create a small Angular application with a TypeScript controller from scratch. Here is another TypeScript tutorial in which we demonstrate how to write an Angular controller, a directive and a service.

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Using TypeScript with Angular 1

24th December 2016

TypeScript is the official language of Angular 2, but it is still too early to use Angular 2 in production for many reasons (the most important reason being that it is still in alpha). What if you want to use TypeScript now, right away, without having to wait for the arrival of the stable version of Angular? Well, it turns out that this is quite easy to achieve.

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Why you should use TypeScript for your next project

20th October 2016

As a software developer with extensive C# experience, I have always been somewhat skeptical of JavaScript and its ideology. The lack of type checking and the total freedom always seemed just a bit evil; duck typing, monkey patching and automagical type conversion (which is far from flawless) can all cause chaos in code and allow easy typos.

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