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New: Activity Performance Insights

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We are rolling out a new feature today - Activity Performance Insights. This functionality allows you to understand where the overages are coming from on your project and if it's something you can still fix.

Price&Cost is all about allowing you to gauge projects’ financial performance. But that on multiple levels – from a quick overview in the Dashboard to a very detailed per-resource performance analysis on any given project.

Not so long ago we’ve rolled out support for Activities, allowing you to break your project down into phases and judge on the performance of each activity as well as the project as a whole.

Ok, so now you can see that it’s the Design portion that’s taking you over budget and Development is draining your profitability.

However, this still leaves a lingering question unanswered:

Is it something that has already happened or something that’s going to happen during the remaining part of the project?

This is where Activity Performance Insights come into play! This new feature allows you to further pinpoint your efforts on fixing the part of the project that’s still fixable.

Here’s a quick video to walk you through the new functionality:


What’s changing?

Handy Activity breakdown during the Estimation

You will now be able to see each of your project’s metrics broken down by Activity by hovering over the project header:

Activity breakdown

In addition to that, if you are creating alternative estimates in Price&Cost, you can hover the metrics in the header to reveal how the breakdown compares on a per-activity basis between the estimate versions:

How to cut down time you spend on estimating projects?

Activity breakdown in alternative estimates
Read more about Estimation in Price&Cost and creating alternative estimate versions.

Activity Performance Insights for in-flight projects

With this new feature, if you now hover over the project header, Price&Cost will show you more details around each of the metrics:

  • how does the projected value break down between the to date VS remaining periods
  • how does the projected value break down per activity
  • how does the projected value for each activity compare to your original plan

This allows you to understand where the overages are coming from and if it’s something you can still fix (if the damage is already done in the past, there’s little you can do)

Activity Performance Insights


We are also showing Performance Insights for every Activity in the Project summary:

Activity Performance Insights in Project Summary


as well as when viewing Activity details:

Activity Performance Insights in Activity Detail view


Read more about using Activity Performance Insight when tracking an in-flight project.

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