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New: Price&Cost now integrates with Harvest

Andrei Bernovski
Andrei Bernovski

29th December 2017

Using Harvest, but estimating projects in Excel? Price&Cost now integrates with Harvest and gives you estimation and tracking super-powers.

Let’s admit it, Harvest is a great time-tracking tool. What we’ve found however is that a lot of Harvest users end up estimating their project and produce reports on project financial in Excel. This usually entails a lot of import/export, pivot table building, etc – all taking a lot of your precious time. Well, not any more!

We’ve build an awesome one-click integration with Harvest, allowing Harvest users to:

  • Track Harvest projects; Budget, Costs and Profitability in Price&Cost (we are syncing all your timesheets automatically daily!)
  • Estimate new projects and test out different what-if scenarios using existing Harvest data (all the Resources, their price/cost rates, etc). Once happy with your estimate – send the project to Harvest and start logging time against it. We’ll sync the timesheets back into Price&Cost daily.

Learn more about Price&Cost for Harvest.


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Andrei Bernovski

Andrei is a project management professional working with some of the world’s most renowned digital agencies and software development consultancies.


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