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New: Track granular project performance with Activities

Get full  Visibility  and  Control over project Budgets, Costs and  Profitability

I am really excited to tell you all about a new feature we are rolling today - Activities. Activities can be phases, project deliverables, or milestones. Breaking your project down by Activities allows you to see how much each activity costs to the client, your Internal Cost as well as see the profitability of each.

Price&Cost is already helping hundreds of project-based businesses to manage their project financials, providing real-time analytics on their projects’ performance and helping them make informed decisions to keep the projects financially successful.

Until now, Price&Cost allowed you to plan resources on the projects and see the impact those resourcing decisions will have on the Budged, Internal Cost, and Profitability.

This key functionality is there to stay. What’s changing is that now you can breakdown the projects into Activities.

This allows for even more granular control of projects’ financial performance.

Here’s a quick video to walk you through the new functionality:


Read more about migration for existing Price&Cost customers.

What’s changing?

Planning Activities and Resources

From now on, when you start a new project – you can add activities to your project

Adding activities


Once Activities are added to the project, you will now need to select an Activity when planning the Resources. This applies to all resource types – People, Materials and Other Costs

selecting activity when adding the resources


Once defined – your Resource schedule will look like this:

How to cut down time you spend on estimating projects?

Schedule with activities
Note the coloured sidebars – these represent the Activities the resource are pinned to


Activities filtering

You can also filter the schedule by Activity to focus on planning just one specific part of the project:

Activities filter


Activities Summary

Project Summary page will now display the Budget, Cost, Profit, and Effort for every activity alongside the project overall metrics:

activities summary


Project tracking is going to become more granular as well – you will not only see the project’s overall performance but also the performance of every activity against the plan:

activities performance


Activities for Harvest Integration

We are working on adding support for Activities to our Harvest integration. Soon, you’ll be able to define the Activities, plan the Resources in Price&Cost and send the project to Harvest. Where today we create a project in Harvest, define the project settings, send the Resource estimates, we’ll soon be able to create Tasks on Harvest projects.

Read more about how Activities affect our Harvest integration

What’s next?

We’ll be rolling more enhancements for Activities, including:

  • support for Non-billable Activities
  • support for Fixed Price Activities
  • support for Activities in Reporting
  • support for Activities in CSV Import

Easily Forecast and Track project Budgets, Costs and Profitability

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