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  • 6 min read

    Your Guide to Project Management Cost Estimation

    Whether it's a few cents or a few million dollars, estimates claim that nearly 85% of all projects go over budget. This can result from mismanagement of labor, materials, or any combination of factors. But these unnecessary wastes in budget require project management cost estimation that can predict bumps in the road.

  • 5 min read

    5 Steps To Creating a Financial Budget For Small Businesses

    Your budget isn't the most glamorous part of running a business, but it is the most vital. Even the most successful small business will tank if it can't budget effectively. Simply put, you won't get anywhere if you're bleeding cash. The only way to know if you are is by budgeting.

  • 1 min read

    New: Price&Cost now integrates with Harvest

    Using Harvest, but estimating projects in Excel? Price&Cost now integrates with Harvest and gives you estimation and tracking super-powers.

  • 5 min read

    8 Reasons the Best in the Business Use Budget Management Software

    A study reported in MarketWatch showed that 88% of spreadsheets contain errors. This could be something as "small" as 1 error in data entry or it could be a miskeyed formula that throws the entire sheet off.

  • 6 min read

    7 Ways Tracking Projects Efficiently Can Help You Stay Profitable

    Do you feel like internal initiatives and client projects tend to never get finished? Have you wondered why your good ideas never seem to pan out when you get a team to work on them? The problem may not be your employees or your idea. The issue could be that you aren't properly tracking projects.