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Why is the Project Management Triangle so fundamental?

10th June 2017

As a project manager you would have certainly heard about the Project Management Triangle (or Iron Triangle or Triple constraints). Some PMs live and die by this, and there’s a really good reason why.

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Best tool for early startups to track their expenses

20th May 2017

We are giving away our secret weapon – a startup expense tracker – completely FREE! Keep track of your expenses and know who needs to pay what to ensure it’s all fair to other co-founders. Get a freebie that’s actually useful!

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Price&Cost wins its first budgeting software awards from

12th May 2017

Could there be better news than these? Price&Cost is now one of FinancesOnline’s most recommended budgeting apps for 2017, standing proudly in line with some of the oldest and best known accounting systems on the market.

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How we’ve made our Techstars team video on a budget

7th April 2017

Every startup in the world (well, almost) has this ultimate dream – get into Techstars. It’s justified – 75% of teams raise seed funding straight after the Techstars Demo Day. We aren’t any different and decided to apply to Techstars London. But a mandatory field on any application is a short video introducing the team. Here’s how we’ve made our Techstars team video.

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Why we are building a project budget planning tool – Price&Cost

3rd April 2017

Some tools are made to fulfil the needs that they themselves create. Some are more innovative and superior versions of a long-standing and established offering. But some are born out of the pain of using something that’s not really fit for purpose. This is the story of Price&Cost – why we are building it and how it all came to be (the picture at the top? That’s actually Price&Cost in the making).

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