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Andrei Bernovski
Andrei Bernovski

12th May 2017

Could there be better news than these? Price&Cost is now one of FinancesOnline’s most recommended budgeting apps for 2017, standing proudly in line with some of the oldest and best known accounting systems on the market.

The popular software review platform examined closely how our system facilitates the monitoring and calculations of project expenses, and distinguished its fast development with two popular accounting & finance awards. To learn more – read FinancesOnline’s review of Price&Cost.

Price&Cost got the 2017 Rising Star Award for the notably good traction with its customers, and the 2017 Great User Experience Award for its reliable support and intuitive interface. Both budgeting software awards are reserved for high-profile systems which give users a friendly and hassle-free environment to plan and allocate their finances. Price&Cost, in particular, was distinguished for making enterprise-level budgeting services accessible to small and medium businesses as well.

Our system was also discussed among the platform’s top 10 accounting software solutions, being one of the few budgeting systems dedicated to project management teams. Price&Cost was praised for centralizing project data in an easily accessible location, and the accurate ballpark estimations that improve the quality of managers’ decision making. Experts also recommend our system as a well-integrated and reasonably priced alternative, and invite freelancers and sole proprietors to test its functionality.

Here’s to more similarly prestigious award coming our way in the near future!

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Andrei Bernovski

Andrei is a project management professional working with some of the world’s most renowned digital agencies and software development consultancies.


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