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4 Project Estimation Techniques to Make You Successful

20th September 2017

Each project is unique. Whatever project estimation techniques you were using were probably successful. But they may not work with your new projects as your company grows.

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Price&Cost now supports adding People, Materials and Other Costs

15th September 2017

Price&Cost has already proved to be a great solution for businesses around the world to estimate and track their project budgets.

We’ve always had support for Materials and Fixed costs, but it wasn’t obvious and wasn’t always aligned with how some of our users expected those types of line-items represented in their estimates.

We’ve heard you, and we’ve delivered!

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5 Tips on Project budget management you can use today

18th August 2017

Project management has many faces. Some see a project manager as a mere facilitator, whereas others say they need to be a subject-matter expert. Amongst other success factors (timely and quality delivery, client satisfaction, etc) there’s always money involved and armed with these practical project budget management tips – you can be sure you’ll gain control over project financials in no time!

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Project management basics for freelance designers

17th July 2017

Designers are often bad at self-management, especially if they come from agency environments where they’ve relied on a bunch of project management professionals to deal with practicalities, financials and planning the work. So when a typical agency designer is starting his/her first freelancing gig, learning to be a project manager is essential (and it’s a hell of a task if you’ve never done it before).

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Why is the Project Management Triangle so fundamental?

10th June 2017

As a project manager you would have certainly heard about the Project Management Triangle (or Iron Triangle or Triple constraints). Some PMs live and die by this, and there’s a really good reason why.

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