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New: Easily create Project Quotes, Import Timesheets and produce Status Reports

Andrei Bernovski
Andrei Bernovski

15th October 2017

We’ve added some great new functionality to Price&Cost making it undoubtedly one of the most versatile project budget estimation and tracking tools around! Today we are introducing: Project quotes, Timesheet import and Status reporting.

Generate project quotes. Share with the client

Estimate your project budget and forecast costs and profitability in Price&Cost blazingly-fast. Create alternative estimates and compare all versions. And now, you can easily generate quotes from the chosen estimate!

Just click the “Print and Export” button. The project quote will include budget breakdown per resource together with planned effort/quantity and total price per row. The quote will be downloaded as Excel so you can style it to your liking, insert into your Contracts or Statements of Work.

Easily create project quotes

Import timesheets from other systems to migrate data and keep actuals updated for existing projects

Import timesheet data into existing projects or create new ones by importing. Easily map to existing clients, projects and resource you already have in Price&Cost, or create new ones by importing data. You can import timesheets across multiple projects, clients, resource all at once as one file (we will separate them into individual projects automatically). CSV files are supported. Virtually any time-tracking software can generate CSV files with time-entries for you to import.

Easily import timesheets


Download project status reports

Download project financial status reports for your stakeholders as PDF. Share precise up to date Budget usage and forecast reports with your clients. Analyse Budget, Cost and Profitability variance with internal audience.

Stress-free financial status reporting


There’s more exciting stuff we are launching very soon – so stay tuned!

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Andrei Bernovski

Andrei is a project management professional working with some of the world’s most renowned digital agencies and software development consultancies.


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