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Free Vector UI kit for iOS, Android, OS X and Windows

Kirill Borissov
Kirill Borissov

11th January 2017

There are many UI kits available online. Some are great, some are not. Some cover every aspect of the operating system’s UI and others – just scratch the surface. Or even worse – have everything as a PSD. But I haven’t found any, that would be versatile enough and offer everything I need for my daily routine as a designer in a single file just as a bunch of vector assets. So I compiled one myself.

I open my UI kit at the start of every day at work and never close it, as most bits of the native operating system’s UI I need are available in this very file.


  • iOS UI kit including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch assets
  • Android UI kit including both mobile and tablet views
  • Basic OS X kit (with latest Yosemite skin)
  • Basic Windows kit (if anyone needs it)
  • File type: Zip archive (.zip)
  • Size: ∼ 196 MB


  • Adobe Illustrator 6 .AI file
  • PDF (editable) and PNG previews
  • EPS file (for those who prefer other vector editors)
  • One extra AI file with fonts outlined

This is the very first version of this UI kit, stay tuned for updates!

I have previously written that designers shouldn’t design absolutely everything when it comes to UI and there are good reasons why to use native UI elements

Price&Cost UI Kit iOS
Price&Cost UI Kit Android
Price&Cost UI Kit OX S
Price&Cost UI Kit Windows


  • iOS and OS X assets are from Codemotion and Mercury kits
  • Android assets are by Google
  • Windows assets are from Microsoft

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Kirill Borissov

Kirill is a designer from Helsinki making mobile, desktop and web apps, passionate about creating simple and beautiful software.

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