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Best system fonts and font-families in CSS for compatibility

2nd March 2017

You’ve read before that I strongly recommend using native UI elements on different platforms, and this is valid for fonts for any relatively big and complex website, desktop and mobile application too. In this article we focus on the CSS implementation of system fonts for the web.

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Free Vector UI kit for iOS, Android, OS X and Windows

11th January 2017

There are many UI kits available online. Some are great, some are not. Some cover every aspect of the operating system’s UI and others – just scratch the surface. Or even worse – have everything as a PSD. But I haven’t found any, that would be versatile enough and offer everything I need for my daily routine as a designer in a single file just as a bunch of vector assets. So I compiled one myself.

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Do you need splash screens in mobile and desktop apps?

4th December 2016

In short: using a splash screen depends on a context, but in most cases – do not use one.

During my career I’ve done lots of splash screens for different apps, both mobile and desktop. This is not my proudest achievement as a designer – splash screens are evil and there is nothing good about them, so when I had the chance I got rid of them in my apps.

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Best practices to follow when designing forms

12th November 2016

There are lots of articles on how to design a form, it is probably one of the hottest topics in UX design and marketing currently, because in a modern world conversion matters and a form can make or break it.

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A few good reasons why to use native UI elements

24th October 2016

One of the most common mistakes UI designers make is to design absolutely everything – from brand colors to UI controls. Being a designer for over a decade, I recall doing exactly that in both web and native apps even just a few years ago. I was creating monstrosities out of gradients, shadows, images, layouts, fonts and custom elements and it took time and quite a number of projects to overcome my urge to beautify and recreate the patterns and elements, and start to rely on platform conventions and components.

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